Mar 2014

Medical Website Redesign: Why Should You Revamp Your Website

Posted by Dipak Tewary
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There are many people in this world who dread changes, be it in any field or area of their life. It is the same for those owning medical websites too. They have various reasons to stick on with the same design; reasons like – the design is the most apt, our clients/patients like our present design and/or are familiar with it, and so on. There can be endless reasons not to get medical website redesign. However, if you think deeply you will find numerous other stronger reasons to actually revamp your medical website. These reasons could be your own likings or preferences of your patients or most importantly as an inbound marketing strategy.

Before you get on to actually redesigning, consider the validity and necessity of the below mentioned reasons and then decide to go ahead with your medical website redesign.

Duration since last design or redesign

This is the very first thing you need to consider. If it has been a couple of years or so, it becomes very essential to get a redesign. It is not simply because you want a change but because the designing industry is evolving rapidly over time, and if you don’t move with it, your website will be left behind, and that is not something that you want.

Patient feedback

If you have received any negative feedback from your patients regarding the functionality of your website, it is high time that you get a medical website redesign. Your ultimate goal is patient satisfaction and if that is not achieved, your website is not worth it. Redesigning will help you to eliminate all those functional shortcomings and make your website perfect for all your patients.

Errors in navigation

This is another crucial area. Even if your Website Design looks and feels just perfect, it is the navigation that can make or break the success of your website. If your patients are unable to navigate correctly and easily, they are sure never to return. In the process of working, there may be occasions where the navigations are no longer working perfectly. You need constant maintenance in order to identify and correct these errors to get utmost patient satisfaction. Revamping your website will eliminate those errors.

Informative content

The patients who come to your website are there to get information. You have to make sure that you provide correct and relevant information. Also, see that your patients can easily locate the information that they are hunting for. You may add blogs which will make your website more interesting. Display appropriate links of blogs and other informative pages such that your patients can get to them conveniently.

Requirement of new features

In case you want to add new features and are not able to do so with your present design, you must understand that you need medical website redesign. Adding new features and redesigning will give a fresh and modernized look and convince your patients that your healthcare facility is not outdated rather is keeping its pace with the latest advancements.


This is the need of the hour. Your medical website has to be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices too. Only with a responsive design can this be made possible. In order to enhance patient experience, responsive design is a must have today. If your website doesn’t already have it, you can Website Redesign it accordingly.

Patient lead

For the growth of any healthcare facility, it is important that the website generates enough patient lead. If that is not happening to the satisfactory level, you definitely need medical website redesign.

Stay ahead

This is a competitive market no doubt and if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to present yourself in such a manner. If your competitor’s website is fresh and updated from time to time, you will not hold a chance unless you also redesign your website.

The above mentioned points will help you to get a clear picture as to why you need and should go for a redesign. The reasons mentioned here are strong enough for you to consider your medical website redesign. If you strongly associate with any of the above reasons, you must go ahead with redesigning and get a fresh new website design for your healthcare organization, which is definitely going to boost its success.

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