Feb 2014

Medical Website Design: How to Make it Function Well

Posted by Dipak Tewary
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Just like any professional service, medical practitioners need to have good online presence to survive the competition. More and more people are turning to the Internet to find health related information. Doctors and health care providers are often searched for online. Many Internet users prefer to ask for health advice on reputed medical practitioner’s websites. It is not anymore for just an address that people visit medical websites. Therefore, considering the changing trends in the demand for medical websites among Internet users, no doctor or health care provider can afford to ignore the need for a good medical website.

Hire a specialist

As a medical practitioner, you would have your entire focus on becoming a sought-after professional. You will find it difficult to understand the exact specifications for a website. You can take the help of professional website designers to build the site that serves your purpose. The first and foremost requirement for a good medical website design is that it should look good and attract visitors. Depending upon the requirement of your medical practice, a template-based web design might work for you. However, in most cases, customization is required to build a website that is effective in meeting the needs of your target audience.

The more experienced the better

Cheap is often not the best for a medical website. In order to get a functional site you need to hire specialists. Before hiring, do not forget to check the designer’s portfolio of medical websites so as to get a fair idea about the quality of work you can expect. It is better to hire an experienced designer if you are looking forward to a better quality of work. The design of your medical website should be able to achieve its foremost objective, that is, to increase your patient base.

Benefits of a well-optimized website

The medical website design should be done keeping in mind the search engine optimization requirements. It is very essential to get higher rank in organic search results. Research has proved that most people prefer to click on organic results than paid results. Your website designer should be able to do proper optimization of your website to increase its popularity among your target base.

Using visuals to gain confidence

A very interesting way to grab the attention of website visitors is to put up ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of your patients. Take prior permission of the patients before using their photographs on your website. Research proves that website users respond to visuals in a better way than to text. Therefore, this tactic of using patient’s photos will help you to gain the confidence of any visitor to your website.

Focus on website navigation

A good medical website design consists of a good navigation system too. More time should be spent on designing the navigation for your website. You must coordinate personally with the web designer to ensure that the correct navigational flow has been achieved for your medical site. Good navigational flow on a website helps to increase its search engine rankings besides providing a user-friendly experience to the visitors. A tip: Ensure that all pages of the website refer back to the homepage.

Changing trends in doctor–patient interactions

You might consider investing on a patient portal depending upon your budget. More than 50% patients prefer to interact with health care providers through the Internet. This number is increasing as more people are getting used to the Internet for communication purposes. A patient portal allows users to set privacy information, download forms, safely submit all paperwork, schedule appointments with medical practitioners, receive results of the lab work, receive emails and so on.

Display the right competencies and brand image

No matter what tactics you use on your website to draw the attention of your target audience, it is very important that your website correctly reflects your competencies. This lies in the hands of the web designer to project the right image of you as a medical practitioner or create the right brand image of the heath care services you provide. Often doctors do not give much attention to their websites, which is not a good practice because websites are like visiting cards or resumes that reflect your achievements and competencies in order to build your identity. Projecting the right image through your medical website helps people to identify your qualities, so that they can reach a decision to approach you for medical facilities.

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