Mar 2014

Ecommerce Solutions – Tips for Developing a Search Engine Friendly Site

Posted by Dipak Tewary

Before getting into the technical territory of web development, let’s discuss about the ecommerce websites. What is ecommerce? In a layman’s language ecommerce is the process of buying and selling products online. The ecommerce sites like ebay.com or amazon.com are selling different products to the consumers and they are doing it directly. However, ecommerce sites don’t always deal with product selling. Such websites also sell services for which they get paid online.

Now, let’s dig deeper and discuss about the ecommerce solutions that can make your ecommerce site search engine friendly.

Keywords Can Make a Difference

If search engines fail to find your website, you will lose out to the competition. Consumers will not go past the first page of search engine to find you. You will have to catch search engine’s attention. Keywords play a valuable role in this. Using an array of relevant keywords is essential. Any professional web development company can suggest you the keywords that can attract search engine’s attention. Titles and headlines should be used carefully, so that the consumers find your website when they search for their desired products.

Use Words Carefully

Remember that words have got power. So, use them carefully. One wrong word can affect the ranking of your website. Written information is essential as customers want to read product specifications and also the customers review. Therefore, have professionals write the contents of your website. Keep in mind that you need customers who come back, not those who visit and leave without consideration.

Graphic Design

Along with content you need to provide your website with the right graphics. When it comes to ecommerce websites, graphics can make a huge difference. If the graphics of your website fail, the customers will not feel comfortable and they may not pay another visit for next shopping spree. Therefore, allowing an inexperienced person to take care of your web graphic can cost you a lot in the future. Graphic design in USA has a booming market. Make sure to hire a professional graphic design company to provide proper graphic solutions to your website.

Adhere to Social Media

In this world of web revolution, people turn to social networking for everything. Employers check potential employees social media profiles, old friends look for each other in this platform. If you want to turn your ecommerce site into a brand, you need to hit facebook and twitter. However, just having a facebook page or twitter profile will not help. You need to discuss the promotional strategies with your web development team. They can provide some valuable tips.

CakePHP in Ecommerce

Use of CakePHP is essential in ecommerce websites. Without proper use of this language, shopping carts of the website will not work. Without shopping cart, your website will not work. For this reason it is essential that you hire CakePHP developer with care. This job is for the experts and therefore, you should look for an experienced team.

Choose a Catchy Domain Name

Domain name of a website is important. Do you know why? It is important because the customers will check the name of the website before they decide to explore the content of the site. For this reason, the domain name should be chosen with care. You can ask the web development team for suggestion about the domain name. You cannot afford to go wrong with this.

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