Feb 2014

Create a Fashion Website that incorporates all new design trends

Posted by Dipak Tewary
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One of the industries, that is constantly evolving is the fashion industry. To keep pace in this industry you need to have a fashion website for your brand or fashion store. However, it is not enough to just have a website; you must know the essential elements and features that are required to create a fashion website. It is not always easy to create an awesome fashion website design that will be attractive to your customers as well as get the top ratings with the search engines.

Among all the elements of a fashion website design, color plays a vital role. While making a fashion website colorful can draw the young and vibrant crowd, white and black coded websites on the other hand gives a classy and elegant look to the website, thus drawing the crowd of that genre. It entirely depends on the owner how he or she wants to create a fashion website and the different elements that they want to highlight. The ultimate goal of any fashion website would be to draw the attention of the customers and keep them engrossed with the different products, so much so that they will end up purchasing the products.

Now, there are a few features that are just imperative to any fashion website. These include:

Home page: This has to include most of information that your customers might be looking for. The home page is the most important page of your website and it is here how you represent your business and attract your customers. Your fashion website design must include a home page that has big and clear images along with relevant information. Your products, their categories, shipping costs and all other important information must not be difficult to find.

‘About us’ page: When you create a fashion website, you must include this page. Your customers are interested to know about your business and most importantly why they should use your products and not go elsewhere. Apart from showing off your latest products and fashion trends, it is necessary to convince them that doing business with you is going to be profitable for your customers.

FAQ page: Every customer is different and that is the reason they have varied queries and doubts regarding your products, fashion designers, buying procedure, mode of payment and so on. They can contact you directly with their queries, but that is going to increase your work load as you have to answer all their questions over and over again to each and every customer. To make your work light, you can include a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page which will answer the most common questions and clarify all doubts, so you will have fewer customer query to attend to.

Testimonials: To convince your customers, it is always better if you can add a testimonials page in your fashion website design. People are convinced when they learn from other satisfied customers about the quality and range of your fashion products.

Including all the above pages is a wise decision when you create a fashion website. However, these are just the basics and you need to give your customers a little more than what every other fashion website offers.

Being in the fashion industry, you have to create a fashion website that is attractive, stylish, user-friendly as well as a place where your customers will get all that they need. Mentioned below are some of the key features that you can include in your fashion website design in order to get your business going successfully. These will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

Product elements – where you offer different options in terms of size, color, fabric, etc. of a single product.

Cross-selling – where you highlight similar products when your customer selects a particular product. This gives choices to your customers while increasing your sales.

Sharing – where you can get a better online exposure by sharing your latest fashion trends on the social networking sites thereby increasing your customer base.

Zooming option –where the product images can be viewed ‘full screen’ without distorting the image quality or slowing down the page loading speed.

Considering these minute details when you create a fashion website can take you a long way in satisfying your customers. With all these important features, your fashion website design is sure to rock the fashion world and make your competitors jealous of you.

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