May 2013

W3c and Web Standards

Posted by Dipak Tewary

Over the past few years, the web world has changed considerably. It has become a lot more huge and complex. With this development, there has been a lot of development in the W3C domain too. W3C or World Wide Web Consortium is an international body which develops open standards which will in turn ensure long-term growth of the Web. W3C is the authority for documentation for web developers.

Due to the endeavor of W3C, the web is not limited to users sitting at a desk only. Internet connectivity is now available everywhere. Whether you are at a parking lot or in a movie theater waiting for the movie to begin, you can use the net at any point in time and from any place that you want. It is surely incredible. However, this change did not take place overnight.

With the rate of change and greater participation from vendors, researchers and normal users of internet services, it should have created a chaos. However, even after internet becoming a part of the mobile world, it did not. With the constant effort, the W3C created common guidelines and the various techniques that allowed the innovation to continue without being damaged. Though these guidelines are great, it is a huge list with a lot of specifications and so it not something that can be easily read or understood.

Released in February of 2011, Standards for Web Applications on Mobile was quite complicated and so the W3C decided to release the sixth version which is a comprehensive summary of the specifications as stated earlier. It has eleven categories of features of the web like data storage, graphics, etc. and each of these categories has a list of features of its own with each having a document giving specifications related to support, group responsibility, stability of specification, availability of implementation, etc.

This update also gives the changes that have taken place in the structure of W3C, specification progress via new standards. This summary is definitely a useful resource as it helps in understanding the Web Standards in a much more easy way. The best part is that W3C has promised to update this document every three months, which will keep the web developers informed about the latest updates.

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