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It is an IVR (Interactive voice response) application. This application use Plivo( xml, api, websdk for call, sms, conference etc. There are numbers of plivo which are bought by super admin/organizarion and set them for various purpose like support to customer,marketing etc.User will call those numbers then plivo server receive the call and ask to application server to provide proper answer(xml,api call). IVR or Phone menu can be build, edit, delete in dynamically in this app.

Key features:

  • IVR or Phone menu(up-to any level) creation, edit, delete option.
  • Communicate with plivo and serve answer (xml,api call) the call.
  • Keeping track of call history.
  • Create report and chart based on call history.
  • Call report on Map.
  • Report export option.
  • Track fake callers and block them (Black list, Short list, Long list etc).
  • White list.
  • Call tracking on basis of call received and cost calculation.
  • Call recording and put then in IVR conference with admin.
  • Three types of user: Super admin, Group admin, Affiliated user.
  • Scope variation on the basis of users.
  • Number management option.
  • SMS management option.
  • Number group creation by each group admin.


Programming Language: Python
Database: Mysql
Template Engine: Jinja 2
Front Side script: HTML, javascript, jquery, bootstrap theme.
Framework: Flask

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