It is a call center’s portal for storing their daily client call along with Agents.

It has 3 user:
1. Executives
2. AARP User
3. Admin.

Call centeragents take call from their clients. Clients take part on survey and
choose Answer of some predefined questions. System save all answer in
database and other information of call. Users can view total report and
export report as CSV.



  • Login
  • Forgot Psaaword
  • Password Chnaged every 60 days interval
  • User have operation permission on bassis of there level.
  • View Report.
  • Report creation and filtering on basis of various field.
  • Quetions can be edited or deleted by admin
  • User creation.
  • Database import as CSV format.
  • Agent Listing
  • Agent details view.
  • Web service for data push in system from call center.

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