May 2013

Find Out the Difference between SEO and Website Content Writing

Posted by Dipak Tewary

“Content is the king”

Words are mightier than swords-this is a very popular concept. Even in this cyber world when people prefer to write using mobile or computer key boards to note something rather than pen, nobody can ignore the importance of words.

Website is the tool of marketing-this is a well known fact. In some cases, people prefer to have a website without any promotional approach rather than just to have a profile on the web world. Whatever the purpose may be but content is the king for a website. Without words, it is not possible to express your thoughts. If you want to reach to your targeted customers, you need to write attractive words which can transfer your surfer into a prospective customer. It is important to compose content showing the quality of your product and services. Even if you are not so interested to have a website for promotional purpose, you need to prepare strong content for your profile. These are the words that will be shown on your website. Every surfer who clicks will see these words.

On the other hands, search engine optimization is the only strategy which is essential to increase the visibility of your website. For a long term presence on the web world, original and authentic content is necessary. It enhances the process to get more and more back links of related websites. Without original content, this is not possible to continue with a proper process of search engine optimization.

But there is a stern difference between the content for SEO and website. It is very necessary to prepare attractive and catchy content for your website. But you need to gather information for the content of optimization. Proper composition is very important for the content used for SEO purpose. Actually, search engine optimization requires value added content and web content must be very catchy and attractive.

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