Feb 2014

Custom Shopping Cart Using CodeIgniter Framework

Posted by Dipak Tewary
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With the rise of online stores, there is an increase in the use of shopping carts, more so custom shopping cart. This is simply because of the various options that a customized ecommerce website brings to any online store. These facilities are now made available by numerous online companies. They offer numerous options for customized shopping carts. Though their exclusive features can enhance your online store, what you need the most are the very basic features that should compulsorily be a part of your ecommerce website. Creating a shopping cart using CodeIgniter framework is perhaps the wisest thing to do. With CodeIgniter there are a lot of advantages apart from all the most important features that should be a part of any ecommerce website using shopping cart. Most companies offering shopping cart services prefer this platform for the utmost satisfaction of their clients.

Ecommerce SolutionsBefore we get on to understanding the benefits and privileges of using the CodeIgniter framework, let us understand the features that should be a part of any online store that wants to be successful and make big bucks.

Large and clear product image and information

When customers visit your website, they would be interested to know the products that are on offer. It is wise to display your products (image as well as product details and reviews) such that will attract the visitors and they would be keen to buy it. This can be easily done by any firm offering custom shopping cart, where your products can be displayed the way that you want it to be.

Categorization of products

To keep it simple and easy for customers, it is better to categorize your products. This makes it easier for the customers to navigate around the pages and also to select and purchase the products of their choice. A shopping cart using CodeIgniter framework helps to create such categories with ease.

Option to view cart content

Shoppers generally prefer to see what they have selected in their shopping cart. It is thus prudent to give that option to the customer who can then easily cancel or change any product that is already in the shopping cart.

Simple checkout process

Customers prefer to shop from websites that are user friendly and have simple payment and checkout processes. Thus, if your custom shopping cart offers this feature, your customers are sure to come back.

Provide feedback and updates

Updating your customers on their purchase, delivery of products and all such information will help you to make your customers happy and satisfied.


This feature is a part of any shopping cart using CodeIgniter and is definitely an essential feature that enables the merchant to track sales, customer information and all other sales related information that are so important for any successful business.

All these essential features can be easily added by customized shopping cart using CodeIgniter framework. The next question that you might ask is why CodeIgniter and not any other platform? To answer your question, here are the reasons why you should choose only the CodeIgniter platform to custom shopping cart for your online store.

  • It is an open source platform which is easy to configure
  • It is open to customization to a large extent
  • Easy to understand and simple to work with
  • Offers straightforward solutions instantly
  • Compatible with coding rules, hosting accounts and so on
  • Quick to create dynamic and professional website using shopping cart
  • User friendly and quick coding can be done
  • Completely supports the MVC (model-view-controller) approach and thus is very flexible
  • New functionality can be added without disturbing the other customizations
  • Works well with a lot of developers
  • Migration from one server to another hosting server is very convenient and hassle free
  • Vast collection of libraries available
  • Easy documentation of user guide available that helps any developer to use this great framework

Thus, with so many benefits and advantages, it is quite obvious that shopping cart using CodeIgniter is the best possible option when you want to create your online store that will have custom shopping cart solutions not only for your esteemed customers but also to ensure that your business grows and prospers with time.

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