Feb 2014

Create a Clothing Website – Implement proper user experience on your eCommerce site

Posted by Dipak Tewary
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A merchant who wants to sell clothes on the internet market would want to create a clothing website. For him it could be just a simple eCommerce site, which needs to look good and be a platform from where he can sell his products to his customers. Though it is important to focus on the customers and their satisfaction, it is more important to satisfy each and every user that visits your website. Only when you give a great user experience, you can hope to increase your customer base and thus have a profitable online store.

While getting your clothing Custom Website Design India, there are certain areas that are at times neglected but in reality needs careful attention. Focusing on these areas will help you to create a clothing website that will attract viewers, give them a good user experience and convert them into your faithful customers. Let us see what these areas are and how to make them effective on your website design.

Navigation: Every user is different and so your clothing website design must be such that will cater to the varied needs of all of them. Include a search bar in a prominent place on your web page, so that the users who are sure of what they are looking for can right away search for the specific item. Including the autocomplete option is great way to help those who might not remember the entire name of the product. The quickview feature may also be included which pops up a window displaying the product and all necessary details about it. Include options for sorting products. For example, the sorting criteria can include color, size, brand, price and so on. To narrow down searches and make it even simpler for your users, you could also include options for category of clothing specific to gender, occasion, pattern etc. It saves a lot of time for your viewers and gives them a great user experience.

Shopping cart: This is another crucial area, which needs special attention. In order to create a clothing website that will be successful, the shopping cart must be readily accessible. There should be options where the customer can view the items that have been selected, the cost of each item including tax and shipping charges, other similar available items that the customer might want to add to the cart and other relevant information. You may at this stage also ask your customer to sign-in for future communication; however this should not be made compulsory or it might put off the customer.

Checkout: There are many occasions where a customer selects products and adds to the shopping cart but abandons the site without completing the purchase procedure simply because it was confusing. Don’t let that happen to your online store. The checkout procedure should be made very simple in your clothing website design. Provide a step-by-step process, which the customer will be able to follow easily. Ensure that the customer can complete the process with the minimum number of clicks. The general process is viewing the shopping cart, selecting of shipping options, payment information and finally confirming the order. All these should be placed in correct order and easily accessible for the customer.

Customer support: Having support communities included in your clothing website design is a good way, to have your old customers update the new ones with information about your products and services. This in itself is a marketing strategy which not only helps the customer with relevant information but also helps you to increase your customer base. So, while you create a clothing website, make sure that this area is definitely a part of your website.

Implementing the above features while you create a clothing website and helping your viewers to have a great user experience will go a long way in making your online store a big success. The clothing website design should be such that will not only focus on your future customers, but also have a wider view of satisfying each and every visitor. When they leave your website, they should be eager to come back soon and maybe even purchase your products. The bottom line is – satisfy your users and get satisfied customers.

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