Feb 2014

Custom Shopping Cart Using CakePHP Framework

Posted by Dipak Tewary

Whether it is your ecommerce website or the shopping cart used on it, customization is the way to go to meet the specific needs of your business. You will find a large number of ready-to-use shopping carts on the Internet. If none of them suits you, choose the one that is closest to your requirement and get it customized by experienced developers. PHP framework is very popular for developing shopping carts from scratch or for customizing shopping cart templates. Opting for CakePHP framework comes with a number of added benefits.

Ready-to-Use vs Customized Shopping Carts

Shopping carts for ecommerce sites offer a number of features that usually vary from cart to cart. When you buy one, ensure that it covers at least the most basic features else it would be a waste of money. You can easily modify features in shopping carts that are developed in CakePHP. If you need unique cart features that are not available in any of the ready-made shopping carts available online, you would definitely have to go for a customized one.

Buy Your Own Domain

Spend some money for buying the domain of your choice for your shopping cart. Some cart providers provide their own domain hosting services. By choosing your own domain hosting, you can change the shopping cart whenever you want without changing the domain.

CakePHP Shopping Cart Features

Some common shopping cart features made in CakePHP, which you should look out for, include newsletter subscription, conversion of discount coupons, technical support for the maintenance of your online store and support for multiple currencies and languages. By using CakePHP, features such as guest checkout, product comparison, multiple store facility and payment gateway integration can be done easily.

Achieving User Friendliness

If you want to build a search engine friendly shopping cart with a user-friendly admin interface, CakePHP is the framework that you should choose. It also helps to add a single-page checkout system for your clients besides providing you with easy adjustment options for tweaking shipping charges, taxes and so on.

Advantages of Customized Shopping Carts

The advantages of having the shopping cart on your website custom developed in CakePHP include easy incorporation and management of a content management system (CMS). It would help you to efficiently manage products and categories on your online shop. You can choose to establish custom shipping methods on the shopping cart, which might include FedEx, UPS, USPS or any other shipping option.

By using CakePHP, creating and tracking customized coupon codes on shopping carts is very easy. Different ways of making payments can be customized easily with the help of CakePHP. It will help in real-time processing of payments, helping to give a boost to your business. CakePHP also allows you to integrate efficient systems for order tracking and order management. By customizing the shopping cart for your online store, you might encounter bugs in the program for checking out. You can easily get rid of them with the help of efficient CakePHP programmers.

Finding a Good CakePHP Developer

CakePHP is perhaps the most popular framework for ecommerce websites. Therefore, if you get a shopping cart solution built in CakePHP, you have the option to get it customized any time in future. Most developers are used to working with this framework so that you would never have any difficulty in finding the one who can do a good job in customizing and maintaining your online shopping cart.

Qualities of an Experienced Developer

You might need to improve your ecommerce website that is built in CakePHP or you might need to develop a new customized shopping website. Whatever may be the requirement, you need to find a developer who is well versed in working with different versions of CakePHP to fit your website’s requirements. A CakePHP expert should have good knowledge about different CakePHP versions such as 1.2.X, 1.3.X, 2.0.X, and 2.1.X.

When choosing CakePHP developers for building a custom shopping cart, go for the one with good experience. The CakePHP developers you choose should be aware of the different parameters for your business. They should be able to handle different types of skins, layouts, plug-ins, design elements, frameworks and several custom components. CakePHP developers who are experts in custom shopping cart modifications and design integration, experienced in handling different types of client needs, would be just the right choice for you.

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