Jul 2016

Best Practices That You Can Integrate While Designing Your Website In Idaho

Posted by Dipak Tewary

While designing a website you need to take into account small and minute details into consideration that are going to feature on your web page such as the page title tags and the meta description tags as all these are important for the purpose of attracting users and also for the search engines so that they are easily able to understand what your web page is all about which in turn can lead to increment in click-through ratio of organic searches for you. For the purpose of designing your website, you should always leave it in the hands of the experts as they are the people who are adept with the requisite knowledge and techniques that should be employed while designing a website. The experts will know how to place important keywords strategically throughout a web page so that your website features at the top on the most popular search engines so that when people type a particular keyword, your website turns out to be the most relevant for that particular keyword. Certain factors that you can keep in mind while designing your website are as follows:

Make sure that your title tags and meta descriptions are within 70 and 150 characters respectively as character length is important as they are different for different search engines. Google displays the tags or descriptions written within the above-mentioned characters compared to Yahoo or Bing. The number of characters is different for Yahoo, Bing, etc and if you exceed the limit then the search engines will cut down on the amount of text displayed. You should also make sure to bold certain words in the page title tags as search engines bold keywords for a particular search term. So the titles and description tags are very much important for the purpose of search engine optimization of your website as they are the very first part of a website for the visitors to see affecting their decision-making process as based on the title tags they will either click or not click on it. Make sure to write well-written tags so that the search engines can identify properly what your web page is all about and what are the services or the products that you are offering. So these are certain practices that you can employ while designing your website but it is always better that you hire professional services for the same. Our company Big Wave Development is a renowned web design Idaho company with skilled experts whose expertise lies especially in website designing. We always make sure to meet up to our clients expectations providing them with their desired results.

Apart from the character length, you need to make sure to write catchy tags and attractive descriptions so that you are able to entice users who would be taking a glance at them. You can take references from your competitors’ tags for a given keyword, see what they are putting in their tags and what are they discarding, whether they are clearly stating what the site is all about or not, etc. All these will give you a clear idea about what tags or descriptions are appropriate for your site. Do not congest your tags with keywords in the hope of garnering better search rankings and be careful in writing the tags or descriptions only once or else it can cause a drop in the rankings on the search engines as the search engines may think that some kind of spamming activity is going on.

So you can consider the above mentioned facts while designing your website but it’s best that you leave it to the hands of the experts as they will be knowing exactly what all can be retained or discarded to and from your website so that your website can turn out to be profitable for you gaining you fruitful results.

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